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git-filter-repo (note to self)



If git garbage-collects any of the commits to which services are pinned, and that service attempts to redeploy, the deployment will fail.

git for-each-ref --contains $SHA will report all of the refs that can reach some commit, $SHA. This may report things like:

One solution might involve creating references to avoid garbage-collection. But if any of our pinned commits contains sensitive cleartext we want to ensure that git purges these.

Instead let's find the SHAs of the new, rewritten commits and replace the pinned versions with those.


Essentially we want to find a commit with the same tree state as the currently pinned commit. Here are two ways to get that info...

This way is indirect, but provides more context about the change:

λ git cat-file -p $SHA
tree d011a1dd4a3c5c4c6455ab3592fa2bf71d551d22 # <-- copy this tree info
parent ba88bbf8de61be932184631244d2ec0ec8205cb8
author William Carroll <> 1664993052 -0700
committer William Carroll <> 1665116042 -0700

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This way is more direct (read: code-golf-friendly):

λ git log -1 --format=%T $SHA

Now that we have the SHA of the desired tree state, let's use it to query git for commits with the same tree SHA.

λ git log --format='%H %T' | grep $(git log --format=%T -1 $SHA) | awk '{ print $1 }'

Hopefully this helps!